Poor Sh*thead!

by debi9kids on February 8, 2008

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about something….mainly because out of habit, as soon as I say the word “poor” about anything, I think “poor Sh*thead”…. ahhh, but let me back up a bit….


So, a few years back, I was working as a teacher’s aide in our county’s school for disabled children. It was my first day working in this particular class and the teacher asked me to take attendance.


So, I read down the list of names, calling them out and having the kids answer “here”. Well, I stopped abruptly at the second from the last name and didn’t know what to do. The teacher and the 2 other aides were giggling behind me. I stood there dumbfounded, because the name on the sheet read “Sh*thead” and then a last name.


Finally, one of the aides came over to me and whispered in my ear ,” It’s pronounced ‘sha heed’.” Then she and the other women started to laugh harder.


WHAT???? Who in their right mind names their child “Sh*thead”!?!?! Disabled or not, it isn’t right! He may not know that’s how his name is spelled, but it is just SOOOOOO wrong!



Now, in the past, as a foster parent, I have heard of many children with ODD names.




Twins named Teresa & Terry (which is virtually naming them the same thing. DUH!)


A baby named Fa-Malee, spelled Female.


A mother who named all of her children for the feeling she had when she found out she was pregnant (and didn’t matter if the child was a boy or girl, just the feeling she had. Therefore, a son was named Passion)


My personal favorite- a mother who named her son Pag-A-Ma, spelled Pajama, because she saw the name in the Sears catalog and thought it was “beautiful”.


However, none of these names even come close to naming your child Sh*thead. Just imagine this poor kid someday having a job somewhere and having to wear a name badge…. I’m pretty sure it won’t be “pretty”…
Poor, poor Sh*thead!
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