Brandi To The Rescue!

by debi9kids on February 27, 2008

Road Trip from HELL!
Let me just say that I will NEVER use Mapquest again. This is me officially saying I will not be their spokeswoman. They suck! I was not on the road for even 45 minutes before the directions had me heading off into the ghettos of Philadelphia. Fun, fun, fun
I turned around atleast 4 times thinking that maybe I had just missed my turn, but NO! The directions were just wrong.
So, I called my mom, had her check the map and then I proceeded to head on down to Virginia. Of course, little did I know that Route 13 is the way mom sent me and is also possibly the SLOWEST route that I could EVER have taken.
So, basically a trip that should’ve taken me 5 1/2 hours, instead took me 12 hours. YES, I said TWELVE! UGH!
It was a very long, stressful trip, topped off by snow and the longest drive known to man on a bridge/tunnel- The Chesapeake Bay Bridge (if you don’t know, I HATE bridges & tunnels!) I ended up breaking out in HIVES!

Neither baby slept the ENTIRE trip! I couldn’t believe it. But, they both were really behaved and didn’t start crying until the last 20 minutes of the trip. So, I did what any desperate mommy would do.
Give babies chocolate!

Unfortunately, my directions only got me into Virgina Beach and at that point I had to be rescued by Brandi and her GPS. (so worth the money!) Brandi had me tell her where I was and GPS did the rest.
She pulled up at the grocery store 30 minutes later:

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