Every Friday is Family Movie Night

by debi9kids on May 9, 2008

Every Friday night for as long as I can remember, we have had Family Movie Night with the kids. It is something the kids (and Russ & I) look forward to all week. The kids actually start planning the next week’s movie as soon as our movie is over. LOL

It’s a HUGE decision now, picking a movie that every one will enjoy watching, esp. since we have Keith who is only 6 and Stephanie & Gabi, who are teenage girls who now want to watch every teen romance that comes out. (UGH!)
But, somehow, we manage to pick something every single Friday that pleases almost everyone, thanks in part to Feature Films for Families. This is a company that sells what used to be traditional films, but not so traditional by Hollywood standards any longer. All of the films are rooted in family values and positive influences.
Our choice for this evening: Facing the Giants
If you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY suggest it.
Every one of us LOVED it and every one of my kids were talking about how much it moved them and how they felt after it was over.
Now, some pics from tonite…
Of course, you can’t have movie night without yummy snacks!
What family of eleven doesn’t need their own popcorn machine??? (Thanks Beth!!!)
Everyone getting cozy before the movie started.
Keith & Gabi

Teddy & Steph

Alex doing his best impression of Monty Burns, from The Simpsons, because he thought the movie was “excellent”
Now, before you all get your pants in a wad over the fact that I let my kids watch The Simpsons, I need to tell you that when I was a Sunday School superintendent, teacher & youth group leader, I started using an awesome book to teach my class of 12-13 year olds. It was called The Gospel According to The Simpsons. It basically shows you how there is an underlying message in almost every Simpsons episode. So, the next time you are watching, try to find the message. It’s pretty interesting…
No, make that …. EXCELLENT!
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