Losing My Marbles… Not!

by debi9kids on June 1, 2008

I am often asked how it is that I can have so many children and have them all so well-behaved. I am sure there are those who assume I must beat them or threaten them with bodily harm in order to get them to be so good in public, but truth be told, I have just been blessed by the good-natured kids that God gave me and the sense to know that kids need structure.

I have always liked the idea of charting out for the kids their responsibilites or the use of behavior charts, so when the show Super Nanny came out, I was in heaven as she had so many wonderful ideas for different ways to reward children for behaving in ways that should be second nature. (I was also completely SHOCKED at the behaviors of some of the families that they show-cased. And, I say “families” as no child would misbehave to those levels if it wasn’t for parents dropping the ball more than just a bit)
Anyhoo, in one of the episodes from a LONG time ago, she had a wonderful idea about using marbles as a reward system. The basic idea was for there to be a large jar of marbles and each child would have their own jar, labeled with their names, and earn marbles for “good” behaviors.
Obviously, the kids on the show were displaying extreme behaviors, so I modified the system for my kids and came up with a chart that we followed for a long time. (we still use this system, but obviously not for the oldest kids)
It took all of 2 days for my kids to understand how the system worked and very quickly they were all striving for getting as many marbles in their jars as possible.

*Please feel free to use the below chart as a spring board for yourself. If you have younger children, let’s say potty training age, change your behaviors to include going on the potty, etc.

Trust me, it really does work!

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