Tuesday on Wednesday (and Will WALKING!!!)

by debi9kids on August 13, 2008

God is an Awesome God!
He can do things just because He wants to.
It doesn’t happen on our time, it happens when He is ready.
Our job is to be patient and put trust in Him that He knows what He is doing.
It’s not always easy to remain faithful. It can be hard not to falter when times get tough.
Hard not to think perhaps God has abandoned us.
I know I have been there, allowed myself to doubt God.
It’s embarrassing to admit.
No, worse than embarrassing. Shameful.
I have questioned, “Why me, Lord?”, only to have His plans revealed to me later, when He was ready to show me and probably when I was more ready to see.
The Lord works in mysterious ways. We don’t always understand at first what those ways are, but He always reveals Himself to us. Always.

I have tried hard to understand God’s plans for my friend, Jess, and her daughter Tuesday. It is difficult not to get angry with God for making this little girl suffer so much and putting her family through so much anguish. But, I have to believe that God will reveal his plan.
I have to have faith that there is something bigger planned and I am waiting to see Him perform miracles right before our very eyes.

He is constantly at work.
Big miracles. Small miracles.
With Him ALL things are possible.

And, so, especially for my friend, Jess….
I am posting this for you today, because you need to see that with God nothing is impossible.
Will IS walking!
Not just taking one or two steps. REALLY WALKING.

We were told he might never walk and Will is walking.
God is at work!
If God can make my little boy walk, God can heal Tuesday.
Just because He can!

* This was the best video I could get to upload. Blogger was giving me a hard time 🙁

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