2008 ~ Year in Review

by debi9kids on January 1, 2009

I have been trying to figure out how to get back into the swing of things since taking a week off to deal with some sadness and stress in my life.

Anyway, I have been going around and visiting blogs and leaving notes of thanks for support and have seen a lot of people doing recaps of the past year and I thought it might be fun for me to try to do the same (not exactly easy to choose though which things warrant mention and for which kids….)
A Year in Review
January: This was a sad month for us, as we bid farewell to Nanny Deb. Deb headed back to England, and we were uncertain when next we would see her again, so it made the farewells that much harder 🙁
It was also a month of a HUGE accomplishment for both Emma & Will. At 15 months old, Emma started to take her first steps and Will finally learned to sit!

February: David’s beloved teacher, Ms. Pat, passed away very suddenly, leaving everyone heart broken. This was also a big month filled with lots of illness. The whole house was filled with sick kids on more than one occasion and I went through my fair share of Lysol and bleach.
The boys scout pack did a fantastic job at the annual scout show and won first place again!

It was also a month full of parties… Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, and Valentine’s Day, which also meant lots of fun party planning and good eats.
But, mostly, this was the month I went away on my infamous trip to Virginia Beach and met up with some of the ladies who will forever be my best friends!
March: Gabi created her Harry Potter bedroom. YIKES! Emma was talking up a storm & Will actually learned to stand! Henry celebrated his 9th birthday and we started to potty train Emma.

April: The weather turned pretty and we started to go to the beach more often. Stephanie made the track team. Gabi starred in a play at school, shaved her eyebrows off and had a cancer scare. Teddy turned 10 and Alex turned 11. But, most of all, Russ got his job back after 2 years of fighting in the courtroom! Blessings abounded!

Russ celebrating a little too much at his party…

May: My washing machine got fixed after weeks and weeks of waiting on Sears. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo, my mom’s 61st birthday, Mother’s day, David’s confirmation and Stephanie’s 14th birthday…all in Bouf style 🙂 We went away on a family vacation to my parent’s house in PA and Stephanie placed second place at the invitationals.

June: We had a nice visit with Grandma. Russ celebrated his birthday and Father’s Day. We decided to go Natural with our diet and never looked back. Our home was over-run with bats, but most of all…WILL STARTED TO WALK!
July: Summer got into full swing. The early part of the month, we celebrated by spending time with my best friend, Angela, and her family. What a blast.

Keith became a big guy and celebrated his 7th birthday!

Then, I found a lump in my breast and was given lots of reason to worry it was cancer… turned out I was ok, but my friend’s little girl Tuesday was not. She was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma 🙁

August: David turned 15! Nanny Deb came back! We all took a trip to North Carolina to visit Grandma & Grandpa and had a great & relaxing vacation. We even got to spend some time with my other best friend, Terri, and her family.
We celebrated my Nana’s 90th birthday and I went to NYC twice. Continued to keep little Tuesday in our thoughts and prayers.

September: All of the kids went back to school..no more homeschooling:( The Best family moved in with us for 6 weeks. It was babies, babies everywhere…. and Miss Tuesday came home from the hospital!

October: Emma and Will turned TWO! OMGosh! And Will started walking right before his birthday! YIPPEE!
Held a fundraiser for Tuesday and celebrated Halloween at the harvest festival at our church. I went away WITHOUT kids for the first time in years and took no camera! YIKES!
Sadly said “goodbye” to our pet pig Sarah…
November: Became an aunt again and welcomed my new nephew Timothy to the family.
Celebrated Gabi’s 14th birthday… giving me a house with THREE official teenagers. Celebrated Thanksgiving with much to give thanks for and lots to be hopeful for as well.
December: Henry started playing the cello and Teddy started playing the violin. The babies got a new playroom and so did the big kids, which then gave Russ and I a new “playroom” too 🙂
My dad went in the hospital and Tuesday was healed of her cancer. My dad went back into the hospital and Tuesday’s cancer came back….. I hit my breaking point Christmas day and took a break from blogging….
And, now I am back 🙂
I took some time to reflect on who I really am and I discovered that my faith runs even deeper than I ever thought before. I know that God has huge plans for Will and for Tuesday and even for my dad and I realize now, it is just my job to be patient and watchful.
And, so I wait and pray and thank Him every day for giving me the friends and family I can count on when things get hard for me and that includes all of you.
Your love and support means the world to me and I thank you for all of your kind words and well wishes.
My dad came home from the hospital today and still has a long road ahead of him with lots of therapy, but with a little prayer and a lot of hope, he will be fine.
Will has had his ups and downs and currently is sick with croup 🙁 But, I know he is growing and learning and I know someday we will break through his walls and find the little boy that I know he is.
Tuesday is still a very sick little girl, but somehow, I know that she will beat this horrible cancer, KNOW it with every fiber of my being. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy and once the newest tumor is gone, she will be flying out this way to see the best doctors in the country who treat her rare form of cancer. They will be here, near me, and somehow I know that God will show me all I can do to help them.
Please continue to keep them in your prayers. I believe and I know that God is listening….
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