Thankful Thursday ~ Luke 1:36-37

by debi9kids on January 29, 2009

My kids amaze me every day. When they came home from church last night they blew me away with their hearts and their faith.
I had asked their leaders to get everyone to pray for Tuesday.
The kids told me that the church members gathered at the end of their sessions and joined hands in a circle and prayed for Tuesday. (my church is huge with hundreds of members)

After they cried and prayed together, they broke into small groups and were talking about amazing miracles they have all witnessed with people they have known that have had cancer, some with incredible stories of really beating the odds.

When my kids came in the door, they asked if they could stay up and watch Facing the Giants. They said we needed to watch it together to remind ourselves that Nothing is Impossible with God.

I am so thankful for :
my nine children, my loving husband and my AMAZING friends, without whom I would not be holding it together after hearing Tuesday’s devastating news yesterday 🙁

If you would like to share why you are thankful today, please visit Grace Alone & What a Trip and sign up 🙂

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