How Would You Spend Your Last Moments???

by debi9kids on January 30, 2009

This is something I have been thinking about a lot since my dear friend Jess told me her baby was dying.

Most parents who lose their children don’t get a warning when it’s going to happen, an accident occurs and suddenly they are without a child. But, when you are given a chance to know your child is dying, is it a blessing, or a curse?
How do you figure out what to do in the time you have left?
And, if your child is sick or suffering, like sweet little Tuesday, do you somehow hope for the time to go fast?
How do you pray your child leaves you sooner?
Would you sit and hold that child in your arms, just watching her breathe until she doesn’t anymore, or do you try to go about normally, as if any moment your child and heart won’t be ripped from your life forever?
I can’t imagine ever putting her down. I would want to cradle her in my arms, savoring her smell, her feel, her smile, her sweetness, loving on her like there is no tomorrow, because there may not be a tomorrow.
Tuesday is the love of the Whitt’s lives and she is dying.
My dear sweet friend, Jess’ baby girl will no longer have pain, but her mommy and daddy and brothers and twin sister will know pain like they have never known. Soon.
I pray they have peace in the days to come and they find comfort in the time they have left.
Every second, every breath, matters.
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