Peace That Passes Understanding

by debi9kids on February 1, 2009

As a Sunday School teacher, a youth group leader and former superintendent of Sunday School, I have often had the souls of young children resting in my hands. It is a powerful thing and an awesome responsibility.
Very often I have found the best ways to get to a child’s heart is to find something they enjoy and teach them about God in the process, whether it be through games, or movies or songs.
I have witnessed so many children go from thinking they believe in God to actually BELIEVING and it’s an incredible thing to be part of.
Their faith is usually so strong, so overwhelming, because they don’t question.
They have faith.
Real faith.

So, with the passing of little Tuesday, I turned to my children for strength.
I turned to their faith to see me through this incredible hurt.
My kids are amazing.
Their faith and love and energy is abounding.
They are certain, as I am, that Tuesday is with our Lord.
She is ok and I believe that.
She is without pain and I believe that.
My kids, God bless them, reminded me of a song I used to sing with them when they were little and in my Sunday School class. It’s called I Have the Joy, Joy, Joy Down in my Heart. They reminded me of the verses and those verses have seen me through any doubts.
I have the peace that passes understanding that Tuesday is home.
Passes understanding…
There are no words to explain it.
Just that I know.
That precious child has changed my life.
I will never be the same woman I was 8 months ago.
I had faith but I didn’t always live it.
I live it now.
Tuesday, in her short life, has inspired.
She brought God to so many.
We can all only hope to accomplish the amazing things that she did with her brief life.

I have searched for a way to feel like I am paying tribute to all she has done.

At the same time, I have thought about the fact that my family has finally fallen under good fortune, just as one of my dearest friends is in her greatest hours of darkness.
What I am going to do, following in the beautiful examples set by Mrs Boo Radley and Heather, Russ and I will donate $1 for every comment left on my blog from now until Tuesday to the Whitt family’s Tuesday Fund.
Please, tell your friends and family.
Leave lots of comments.
And, if you haven’t, please visit the Whitt Family and let them know you are praying for them. They draw strength from your love.

Heaven’s Latest Angel
Such a little girl
Living grown up dreams
Shooting for the sky
With a smile and eyes that beam
Her living an example
Her death was a surprise
Heavens latest angel
Finally gets to fly.
She touched so many lives
She made us see the light
Dreams are only dreams
Unless we live them day and night
Her life here may have ended
But her soul will never die
Heavens latest angel
Finally gets to fly.
* For the most BEAUTIFUL tribute to the family, please go HERE.
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