Thankful Thursday ~ It’s a No Brainer…

by debi9kids on May 14, 2009

Of course I had to write about the Tuesday Blog Party…
I am amazed.
Overwhelmed is the right word.
There is a scene in one of my favorite movies, Facing the Giants, where Coach Grant Taylor suddenly realizes how very much God has done for him and he cries and says he is feeling overwhelmed, and that is how I feel.
Greatly overwhelmed. Blessed.

(Do not watch if you don’t want the ending revealed. If you haven’t seen this movie, SEE IT!)

I never expected the Blog Party to be so successful.
I had doubts and let them get the better of me.
So, at the close of the Blog Party yesterday evening, I sat back AMAZED.
Astounded by the generosity of friends and strangers.
Moved by the amount of people that Tuesday has touched.
I knew why she has moved me so, changed my life forever.
But, to see, really see, how many people Tuesday’s short life has impacted is just impressive.

So, Today I am so thankful for :
Sweet Tuesday Whitt and the many people who were moved by her spirit to change the world.

…and a little child shall lead them. ~Isaiah 11:6

If you would like to share why you are thankful today, please visit Lynn & Laurie and What a Trip and sign up 🙂

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