2009 ~ Year in Review

by debi9kids on December 29, 2009

I ended the year of 2008 by doing a review, and I thought it might be a nice tradition to do the same each year, as a way to wrap up lose ends and catch anyone up on the goings-on in the Bouf household 🙂

A Year in Review

January: The year started out a bit rough for us, first with Tuesday being diagnosed with her cancer returning, and then with all nine kids getting sick, followed by me sick as well. Can we say “stressful”?

I celebrated my sister Missy’s 40th birthday with all of my sisters and a night on the town. AWESOME!
We held an beautiful fundraiser for sweet Tuesday and then sadly watched as her little body could no longer sustain the fight and she went home with her family to “go home” on January 30th.
February: I started out the month by making a difficult trip out to Colorado with Terri and Denise to attend Tuesday’s celebration.
We were surrounded by lots of our friends, who had traveled from all across the country (and world) to honor sweet Tuesday and the Whitts. It was an extremely difficult time, made slightly better by so many loved ones.

I came home feeling so sad, only to be given a gift from God… Will told me he loved me for the very first time 🙂
We celebrated Valentine’s Day and our anniversary, dealt with illnesses again and took the kids on a vacation to my parent’s second home in Pennsylvania.
March: We had our first REAL snow and the kids had a ball playing in it, even Emma & Will.

We made a HUGE change and decided to move from NJ to PA and we signed an agreement to rent-to-own our new home.

We enjoyed the start of an early spring and watched as Gabi sang beautifully at her school talent show.

Of course, we celebrated St Patrick’s Day and Henry’s birthday, in true Bouffard fashion 😉


April: We took our Easter photos at the beach in Somers Point (figuring since we were moving to the mountains, we should make it a real “Jersey” photo shoot).

Alex volunteered for Alex’s Lemonade sale and helped to raise money for pediatric cancer research.
We celebrated Easter with all of our family members and the kids enjoyed an egg hunt with their cousins.
We also celebrated Alex & Teddy’s birthdays and I made the decision to SIMPLIFY our lives 🙂
May: We started out the month by officially signing all of our papers on the house and then it was time for the 1st annual Tuesday Blog Party. I stressed SO much over putting it together, however, aside from one little glitch, it went off nearly perfect and with the help of awesome blog readers, we raised over $3000 for the Tuesday Fiona Whitt Foundation!
My great aunt Gladys passed away and our family had a celebration in PA to remember her life.
We celebrated Mother’s Day & Steph’s 15th birthday.
Will was officially diagnosed as autistic, but I was also given much hope when he finally noticed Emma and began to actually “love her”.
June: We started to really work on the PA house and began the many months of construction and make-overs that would turn the house into our home.
Will’s braces came in for his ankles and he really became an active little boy.

We celebrated Father’s Day and Russ’ birthday and then…David got Swine Flu, which led to a house full of sickness…
July: We started out the full-swing of summer with a visit from one of my best friends Terri, and her kids . We met up with them in Lancaster for the day and had a great (but short) time.
We celebrated our first holiday, the 4th of July, at our PA home with my parents and my younger siblings.
We did tons of work on the PA house, while I had guest posters take-over my blog for a few weeks and then spent lots of days and nights in NJ by the pool with family and friends.
August: My parents bought a home in Pennsylvania, just a few miles from our new home.
We celebrated Keith & David’s birthdays and went on a vacation to Hershey.
I did my very 1st VLOG entry and the kids had a HUGE party to say goodbye to their friends.
September: The kids and I took a trip to my friend Christy’s house and had a GREAT time! We spent a whole week with her family and all of the kids became great friends.

We celebrated Labor Day with all of our friends and family in NJ and officially moved from our NJ house into our PA house. We also decided to go back to homeschooling, only this time, it would include David & Keith as well.

October: Emma & Will turned THREE! We celebrated with a birthday party & house warming rolled into one.

The kids and I took a trip to North Carolina and stayed at my friend Terri’s house for a perfect week 🙂
The month ended with a visit from the Whitt family. They stopped to stay with us in PA along their RV’ing cross-country trip. It was good for the soul…
November: Russ & I took the kids to Washington, DC to protest the health care bill. We had a great time, were energized and even got to meet John Voight!
Emma FINALLY got peer-pressured into potty training (Will, not so much)
We had a surprise visit from my brother, Scott and his family (in from Utah), celebrated Thanksgiving and Gabi’s 15th birthday.

December: Russ & I celebrated our 21st anniversary together (not marriage). I had my annual bake-fest with Denise, shopped like a fool, loved our first real snowfall in PA, and celebrated our first Christmas in our new home.

Sadly, it seems we are going to end our year the exact same way we started it off…with a house full of sickness 🙁
We had hoped to travel to NJ to spend New Years Eve at my sister, Missy’s house, but instead, it looks like the kids and I will be celebrating a quiet one alone here in PA, surrounded by running nebulizers and snotty noses.
Looking back on 2009… it’s been a year full of many ups and downs, but my faith has sustained me more this year than any other and I can only expect that the Lord will continue to bless us in the year to come.
May 2010 Bless Your Homes as Well 🙂


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