Getting to Know: Teddy

by debi9kids on January 14, 2010

Talk about an easy child!
If I can be honest, sometimes, Teddy is so easy and off in his own world, that I don’t even realize he’s in the room with me. That is, until he sneaks up behind me and puts his ice-cold hands on the back of my neck! Brrrrrrrr….
Teddy is truly unique and funny and just down-right cuddly. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect name for him because he is absolutely a Teddy Bear 🙂
We used to describe Teddy to people as our own personal “Andy Dick” because he is a little bit of a comedian, who sometimes is the only person laughing at his own jokes. LOL He finds everything in life funny and has such a great perspective that he manages to keep everyone feeling happy and sometimes that is EXACTLY what we all need 🙂
For as long as I can remember, he has wanted to be a soldier when he grows up and that hasn’t changed. He still looks forward to one day defending this great nation and the idea of having a child with values like that makes me extremely proud (and worried. But mostly proud.)
If I can be really honest, Teddy is my child whom I always feel like doesn’t get enough of my attention and yet, he is the one child who truly goes out of his way to make sure I am happy. He’s so empathetic to everyones’ feelings that he just always seems to know when they need a hug, or friendly words, or even just a smile.
Teddy’s beautiful heart and silly sense of humor makes me thankful every single day 🙂

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