A Peek Inside Will’s World

by debi9kids on February 17, 2010

If only we could all view the world like Will….

where you go to bed happy EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.
where simple things like watching the snow fall gives you a thrill.
where eating your meal genuinely makes your heart leap.
where the only thing better than getting messy, is getting clean.
where cuddling something you love makes your eyes sparkle.
where a hug from a loved one lights up your world.
where you see the beauty in everything around you ALL.THE.TIME.

Maybe we should all strive to be more like Will instead of the other way around.
Maybe he’s figured out something that we all are missing…. the key to happiness is to view the world through Will’s eyes 🙂

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anthony yovino March 18, 2013 at 10:38 am

Im glad will is doing so good, i have autism as well and know what it's like. School for me was hard, but i got alot of help through it. I hope school goes well for will too. On your new banner, where is the second picture from? Take care!



debi9kids March 18, 2013 at 4:55 pm

Hi Tony.
Nice to meet you!
The second picture was taken here at my home. He was just sitting in the dining room watching The Backyardigans on his iPad.
Thank you for your well wishes.
Will does do very well in his school. He attends a private Catholic school and gets lots of therapy. He loves it.


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