Twos-day for Tuesday

by debi9kids on March 8, 2010

So, it’s Two for Twos-day today and while I normally post photos of my favorite TWOSOME, today instead, I want to ask you to look at my friend Jess’ twosome…. her son Spencer and her sweet daughter Tuesday. (get it, Tuesday on Twos-day?)
Spencer is shaving his head for St Baldricks to raise money in his sister’s honor and there is nothing that I want more than to help Spencer reach his goal. So, I am asking, no pleading, with you to DONATE to St Baldricks.
Help support Spencer!
If you think he sounds like a sweet boy, I can absolutely assure you, he is. His heart was broken when his sister was taken from him by cancer and this is his way to heal his heart. Don’t you want to be a part in his healing? I know I do.
PLEASE help Spencer make a difference.

If you have a two-some you’d like to share about today, please link up 🙂
(and don’t forget to leave me a comment too! Cos, you know, I love me some comments.)

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