Debi Says {23}

by debi9kids on May 1, 2010

It’s my 23rd edition of Debi Says.
Where I answer the questions that you ask 🙂
Now then, to explain why I decided to do these posts instead of my Sunday Sound-Out…
well, it’s because I’m lazy, or busy, or just terribly inept at keeping up with questions that are asked of me during the week.
So, it’s just 1000 times easier to answer the questions that are either posted here in the comment section each Sunday, or the questions that are posed to me on Saturdays.
Ok, and now I’m just rambling….
… it is what I do best 😉

1. How do you manage one-on-one time with your children…do you have a schedule? ~ Lynette
If I can be really honest, I haven’t been able to give the kids as much one on one time now that we are up in PA and Russ is in NJ most of the time. It’s hard to find the time 🙁
We try to find “stolen” moments, if you will, and just make the most of even the smallest moments, like painting nails, reading a book, making a cake, taking a walk. Anything really. Anything to give us time to sometimes just talk, or be, just us… mother and child.

2. How do you do what you do? You are amazing! ~ Missy
Thanks Missy! I certainly don’t feel all that amazing most days. I know I was just talking to my oldest kids the other day and we were talking about priorities and I think for me, that is the key. My kids and family have always been my top priority. Everything else will always come second.

3.Our Sunday School is doing a series about Kingdom Parenting. We’re inviting couples to come and speak about what Kingdom Parenting is (i.e. parenting children to know God’s Kingdom and how to advance it) and how they do it or have done it. I’ve blogged a few times about it already. (See here for example)
What would be your definition of Kingdom Parenting? ~ Olivia
WOW! Fantastic question!
At first I was thinking, holy cow, how do I answer this? What a tough question…
Then I sat down a second and thought about it and the answer isn’t hard at all.
Russ and I are very firm believers in living our lives as God intended.
With purpose.
And it’s very important that our children feel the same way.
It’s important that our children live morally and not only respect the 10 Commandments, but that they live by them. All of them.
We begin each morning with prayers together and always end the day with prayer as well.
We have always been open with our children about our faith and everything we teach, learn, love and live comes back to that same faith.
And, most importantly, we teach by example. We don’t expect anything of our children that we wouldn’t also expect of ourselves as well.

Oh, and 2 shout-outs!
First, to my friend Rocio, for making my fabulous new flash header! Isn’t it awesome???
She’s going to be auctioning some off for the Blog Party and she also does them VERY affordably. Please check out her site 🙂

Second, my lovely friend Jenn at Gaffney Gabs . She recently gave me a blog award for honesty in blogging and while I tend to be a real slacker in posting my awards, I don’t want to be a slacker anymore in thanking people. So, thanks Jenn!

Ok, so it was an easy week. Just 3 questions and honestly, thank goodness.
It’s also a BUSY weekend!
Tomorrow is the 2nd Annual Tuesday Blog Party!
And I still have a lot to do to get it together…
I pray it will be successful and I hope you’ll all join in on the fun 🙂

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