Q & A with Bella from I’m Living Proof that God Has a Sense of Humor

by debi9kids on January 25, 2011

My wonderful friend Helene from I’m Living Proof that God Has a Sense of Humor does a post every now and again where she asks her oldest set of twins questions and it might be the funniest (and most informative) posts I’ve ever read.
Last month, she decided to let the readers ask the questions and I posted a few for Bella and Cole to answer and the silliness began.
Privately, Helene emailed me to tell me that Bella was quite curious about our family and was bringing up “that lady Debi with the 9 kids” almost daily and I suggested that Bella send me some questions and I would be more than happy to answer them for her.
The following are Bella’s questions, answered by myself and my kids 🙂

Bella: What kind of car do you drive? A van or a limo? (Helene: she’s assuming a limo since you have “tons of kids“!)
Henry: Our mom drives a big, white van and our dad drives a truck.
Emma: Mommy drives a pink van.
Me: Our WHITE van is actually SO big that you can see it from space 😉 (I think Emma wishes it was pink)

Bella: How do you take all your kids shopping with you? Do they stay next to the cart or do they wander off?
Henry: A little of both. The big kids usually wander off and the little kids stay next to mom or try to look at toys.
Keith: We all stay next to mom, except for Stephanie and Gabi.
Alex: I don’t like to go shopping so I want it to be as quick as possible, so I stay with mom. Pretty much everyone wanders off except for me and Will because he’s in the cart.
Me: Pretty much, what Alex said is true.

Bella: Do you like kids? ( Helene: OMG, this question cracked me up! I tried to be sarcastic with her and I said, “No, she can’t stand kids” and she goes, “Then why does she have NINE of them?)
Keith: Yes, my mom likes kids because we’re so cute. When my mom was in the hospital, and got Emma & Will, she was smiling a lot. That’s how I know you like kids, mom.
Me: Of course. I don’t always like how they behave, but I always love them 🙂

Bella: Are all your kids twins?
Emma: Yep. Everyone is my birthday twin.
Keith: No, Emma. Will is your twin. My birthday is in July.
Emma: Ok, you’re my birthday twin Keith and my BFF.
Me: Only Emma & Will are twins. I adopted 5 of my kids and I gave birth to 4.

Bella: Do all your kids get along or do they fight all the time like I do with my brothers?
Alex: Most of the time we get along. Sometimes we don’t.
Henry: Um, most of the time we get along, except the 2 girls, but they have their moments.
Me: I feel like they fight all the time, but it’s probably about 50% of the time. Sometimes the boys “play fight” and I think they’re really fighting. Ugh…boys!

Bella: Do you yell a lot to get them to hear you since it’s probably really noisy in your house?
Emma: uh, the boys, they fight every day cos the boys, when they fight, cos they wanna fight just cos and cos, I don’t know. That makes you yell.
You yell at Gabi and Henry and Teddy too, cos when they fight.
Teddy: uh, yesssssss. {giggle giggle giggle}
Me: I do yell a lot, but I have made it my goal to stop yelling so much. It’s exhausting. (ps Teddy is weird)

Bella: If each of your kids has 9 kids of their own someday, is your house big enough to have everyone over at Christmas because that’s a whole lot of people?
Yes. It’s huge but it’s a shame because we almost never have anyone over here.
Keith: Actually no, because when we get married, we don’t know how many kids we’ll have. I hope I only have one kid because it costs too much to have 9 kids. That’s why mom. 1 kid is cheap. It only costs like $20 to take 1 kid to the movies and stuff and it’s way more with 9 kids.
Gabi: Ewww, no, we’d be all packed. There would be like 100 kids in here and we’d be squished and it makes me feel claustrophobic. Holy cow! 9X9 is a whole lot of people!
Me: I think if all of my kids had nine kids, I’d be one happy grandmom 🙂
And, if they all wanted to come stay with me at Christmas, we would make room for them, even if it meant wall-to-wall sleeping bags 😉

Dear Bella,
Thank you! We had so much fun answering your questions. Please feel free to send us more if you’d like.
ps My kids said they really want to meet you!

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