The Tooth Fairy has Amnesia

by debi9kids on February 5, 2011

(Or, at least she does when it comes to my kids. )

As if it wasn’t bad enough that I let the kids watch the movie Grown-ups a few months ago and there was this scene… this scene I wasn’t expecting, where one of the mothers in the movie lets it slip that there is no tooth fairy and Russ and I turned to each other, the horror of the moment hitting us….
And Keith, poor Keith, turned to me and said, ” Mom! Is that why the tooth fairy never comes?”

No, Keith, it isn’t.
The tooth fairy doesn’t come because she has amnesia.

So, the months have passed and Keith had forgotten and I the tooth fairy had the chance to redeem myself herself.
Keith lost another tooth!
He was excited!
It was a BIG tooth.
And after watching the movie The Tooth Fairy, his hopes were restored.

He placed his tooth under his pillow and waited.
And waited.
And, sadly, he waited some more.

That darn tooth fairy didn’t come.

Why tooth fairy? Why?

So, last night, Keith took matters into his own hands and taped his tooth to his bedroom door,
so she couldn’t miss it.
With a note. And an arrow.
And you know what?

She came!
She taped a $5 bill to Keith’s bedroom door to make up for his slightly crushed dreams.

Tooth fairy….
dear sweet tooth fairy,
Perhaps it would help if you took some Gingko Biloba, Omega 3, and B-12 to increase your brain function and you could save yourself $4 a tooth.
Because, at this rate, you’re going to be broke.

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