the truth is, it’s bankrupting me

by debi9kids on May 6, 2011

*warning: rant ahead!

I am beyond frustrated.
At the end of my rope.

Between my sister’s wedding that cost a small fortune for us to clothe the kids, Russ and I, Henry, Teddy & Alex’s birthdays, the Prom (Lord, the prom that I haven’t even told you about!), and Easter we are broke.
Broke, broke, broke.

I mean broke, as in near ZERO in our bank accounts for at least 2 weeks.

It wouldn’t be a big deal because we have plenty of food and essentials and we can certainly “get by” just fine like that, but once again, I am wanting to shoot myself for sending the kids back to school.
Homeschooling was SO much cheaper!

Instead of just rolling along, dealing with our poorness, it has to be obnoxiously IN OUR FACES because, unfortunately, it’s the end of the school year, which means…. class trips.
Oh joy.
So, instead of quietly being poor for the next two weeks, I get to explain to the school why 4 of my sons can’t afford to go on their $35 EACH class trips, or why my two daughters will not be bringing $15 EACH for their “lunch out-on-the-town” trip (wth???), or why one of my daughters can’t go on a $50 class trip, or why another one of my boys can not bring in juice for his entire class for Field Day…..etc, etc, etc….

I hate this.

So frustrating because we seem to be the ONLY people with this issue and then I get those crappy “well, if you didn’t have so many kids” comments which, by the way, doesn’t help and only makes me want to bite their heads off and puke down their necks.

But, now, the topper…
Oh yes, the topper that has forced me to snap…

Senior class pictures are this week.
For my two kids who are still juniors.
$25 each just to sit down for pictures.
I wish I got paid just to have someone be in my presence.
Wouldn’t that be nice?
Can’t even imagine how much the pictures are going to cost.
For two kids.
And if I don’t do it, I am then the one crappy mom that didn’t get my kids their senior pictures…

How is it, in this awful economy, that I am feeling this squeeze so much tighter?
How is it, that some people just can go out and book vacations, buy whatever food or clothes like it’s nothing, pay hundreds of dollars for portraits without batting an eye and not think twice or be bothered and yet I can barely afford to buy my kids cheap Wal-Mart sneakers?

And if you tell me it’s because I have so many kids, so help me, I will rip your head off and puke down your neck.

Playing along with Half-Past Kissin’ Time for Friday Fragments

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