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by debi9kids on May 7, 2011

Sadly, the Tuesday Blog Party is not happening this year πŸ™
For the past 2 years, my friends and I have hosted the Tuesday Blog Party together.
It’s been something that we have genuinely LOVED doing for our friend Jess and her entire family, to help raise awareness about pediatric cancer, specifically Neuroblastoma. This disease sadly took their daughter Tuesday from them at the age of 2.
Unfortunately, since our last Blog Party, I have been battling with Paypal to release some of the funds collected for Whatchagonnado, the Whitt’s brain child and fundraising effort for families dealing with pediatric cancer and the idea of collecting more donations that never make it into the rightful needing hands and instead stay tangled up in red tape is not something I want to risk again.
So, I am making the executive decision to call off the party this year πŸ™

And instead I’m asking that if you had planned on joining in the party this year, if you might just as a Mother’s Day gift to Tuesday’s mom, donate to Whatchagonnado instead.
Just $5, if it’s all you have, will make all the difference in the life of a child fighting cancer.
Your $5, plus my $5, plus the $5 from your neighbor or your friend will help.
Trust me.

PS While I have your attention, if you could please also visit my friend Brandi’s blog. Not only are we dealing w/ paypal issues, but Brandi has always been just as active as I am with the blog party and unfortunately, her husband Donnie has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and his prognosis is pretty grim. I am certain that they could use some prayers and support.

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