I love Toddler Talk :)

by debi9kids on May 23, 2011


Emma: Hey mom! Remember when I was boring?
Me: Huh?
Emma: You know, when I came out of your body.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emma: Mom, is dad going to be home tonite?
Me: No, he won’t be home until tomorrow.
Emma: oh. ok.
{Pause to think a moment}
Emma: ok, so I think I’m going to sleep in your bed then.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dialing the phone…
Me: Emma, what are you doing?
Emma: I’m calling my best friend Vanessa.
Me: What’s her number?
Emma: 5-5-7-3

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

{Walking through the grocery store}
Nice old lady: Hi! You are so cute!
Emma, smiling: Thank you.
Nice old lady: How old are you?
Emma: I’m 4 and so is Will. He’s my birthday twin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emma: Henry, you’re going to marry me and be my prince.
Henry: Really?
Emma: Just don’t tell the king.
Emma: Hi Prince Henry.
Henry: Shhhhh.. Don’t let the king hear you.
Emma: Henry! You’re the king and the price, you silly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Playing along with Twinfatuation for Makes My Monday & 2 Little Monkeys for Say What?

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