Goodbye Old Girl

by debi9kids on June 25, 2011

Saying “goodbye” is never easy, even when you’re saying goodbye to someone who has been a pain in your butt for 13 years.
Yesterday I had to put our dog Molly to sleep.
She’d been getting up there in doggy years, was blind in both eyes, and since the death of our other dog Dennis a few months ago had just become lonely and sad. More recently, Molly had been getting sick and was sadly becoming more “work” than we were able to commit.
So, I took her to the vet yesterday and was told “your old girl has lived a good long life and there isn’t much we can do for her to make her comfortable anymore.”

Its hard to hear.
And hard to say goodbye.

I sat with Molly as she took her last breath.
Her eyes were locked on mine as I told her “goodbye” and I assured her that Dennis would be waiting and she was gone…

Goodbye old girl.

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