When did I become this mom?

by debi9kids on July 22, 2011

It's 2am and I'm crawling into bed, trying not to wake up my toddler that I sent to bed in MY ROOM at midnight after giving up fighting with her…
Her answer to me when I said,"just go in my bed then"?
"You mean you want me to sleep in your bed mommy?"

No. No I don't, as a matter of fact.
But, here I am, exhausted, and you won.

So, I am going to crawl into bed, next to my toddler, feeling defeated, but am certain I will get a decent night's sleep without the typical "there's a monster in my room, can I sleep with you?" interruptions.
Of course, it will be replaced by the inevitable leg kicking and way-too-close cuddling that I can only get from a 4 year old (aka octopus), but, she's only 4 once…

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