A-Camping We Went.

by debi9kids on August 5, 2011

Way back in the day, B.K. (before kids for those not in the know), Russ and I used to go camping all the time.
It was our thing.
We had never been the kind of couple to go dancing, or to clubs, or on fancy vacations, but throw a tent, some chilly fall evenings, a cooler full of tasty treats, and a woodsy location our way and we were set.
And, all of these many years, we have missed it.
We’ve thought about taking the kids many, many times, but there was always something to keep us from actually doing it…
babies, or finances, or school schedules, or work schedules… you name it.
When Will and Emma were born, we pretty much thought we’d never get around to taking the kids camping and when Will was diagnosed, it felt like the nail in the coffin. (seriously, who wants to take a “runner” camping???)
But, last year, while on our cross country vacation, we had a glimmer of hope….
we stayed in teepees in Arizona and Will did awesome.
Frankly, all of the kids did and suddenly, we saw a possibility.

Of course, life has a way of, well, getting in the way and unforeseen events (on my end, at least) kept us from doing much last year besides work on salvaging our lives.

Now that life is finally back on track, it made sense to live it a little, so this past week, we did 😉
We went camping,
Really camping,
In a tent,
With all of the kids,
and it was fantastic.
And it definitely made us wonder why the heck we waited so long to do it and certain that we will absolutely do it again and again.
And soon.
Because as much as the memories we made & captured were awesome….
… it was the moments that I didn’t capture, like ALL of the kids getting along, our entire family canoeing together, me actually swimming with the kids, watching our kids become friends with every other kid at the campground, listening to a church service outside while smelling coffee & bacon cooking on the fire….
It was those moments that were priceless and make me wistful for our next camping trip anywhere, so long as we’re together 🙂

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