{oh. my heart!}

by debi9kids on October 3, 2011

This Friday my babies turn 5 and I am suddenly acutely aware how fast time is flying by. When I take the time to look back and reflect on those first few months, it feels like yesterday and it feels like a hundred years ago.

How is it possible the five years have gone by???
Because, if 5 years have passed, that means Emma and Will aren’t the only ones that are five years older. It means we all are and it means I have to face the fact that all of my kids are getting older and my nest will begin to empty soon. {oh. my heart!}

And, I guess I should admit that as much as it would be nice to have some space back, less laundry to wash, less food to cook, and more money in my pockets, the simple truth is it terrifies me when I think of my babies growing up and moving out,
gives me sleepless nights.

For 18 years, I have been a mom. I have been defined by that name.
When asked what I do for a living, I have happily replied for 18 years that I’m a mom first and everything else second and I love that.
I know women who are insulted by being called a “mommy”; women who don’t want to be defined by that name but rather by jobs they do for a living first and as a “mom” second.
And, that’s ok for them.
But, for me, nothing in this world has ever made me happier than to be able to say, ” I stay home with my kids.”

I’m fortunate.
So are my kids.
And it’s been a wonderful life,
a rich life.

I have cherished every moment and now, suddenly, it seems we are beginning a new chapter and one I wasn’t quite so prepared to begin.
Five years have gone by!
My babies will officially not be babies on Friday and I won’t be able to call them toddlers anymore.
They will be kids.
And while I have many pictures to look back on and cherish those tender first moments, my heart aches just a little bit and I wish I could turn back the clock just for a day or two to get one last snuggle,
one last sniff of their sweet baby scent,
one last moment to cherish when they fell asleep together, curled tightly next to one another…

Those moments were perfect.
And I honestly loved every.single.minute.

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