Hey girl. I’m all over that crib tent.

by debi9kids on April 12, 2012

Will still sleeps in a crib.
Actually, it’s more like, Will sleeps in a crib again since we moved from our other house and taking the beds Russ built was too complicated.
So, we bought a crib when we moved in with my parents and bought yet another crib tent (mind you, crib tent number 5) and back in the crib he went.
Happily too.
Honestly, I think that Will really enjoys being in the close quarters of his crib because he’s always happy to be tucked in at night, even if he doesn’t always enjoy having the zipper closed.
Which brings me to his new tent….
Will has a new tent because he has this ability to rip the heck out of them and suddenly the zipper won’t work anymore and his last tent… we were holding it together with links.
You know links, don’t you?
Yes, our “brilliant minds” thought that our 5 year old son who knows how to open the back door, open the back gate, run down the street, open the van and sit behind the wheel wouldn’t be able to figure out how to pull the links apart to get out of his tent.
(I’m telling you, we.are.geniuses.)
Well, we found out the hard way this morning when he pulled those links apart, made an opening big enough to squeeze though, and went down into the kitchen at 6am to help himself to a glass of chocolate milk.
Good times, I tell ya!

So, Will now has a new tent,
With a REAL working zipper.
And he’s safely tucked in bed for the night,
Melatonin starting to work,
and peace of mind for mama again.

And, because Ryan Gosling is always so awesome and supportive of my parenting skills (even when they’re lacking…)

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