loopiness leads to a perfect end

by debi9kids on December 11, 2012

Tonight was a busy night,
after a super busy day.
I spent most of the morning trying to finish up my Christmas shopping and grocery shopping, as well as cleaning the house and trying to desperately find a spot in our home where we can a put our tree where it won’t be completely destroyed by Will (have yet to find said spot).

After coming back home from shopping, I started making our dinner and then got started on some Christmas cookies.
It’s been making me feel incredibly crazy that I haven’t baked many yet, so it was awesome to actually stand back tonight and see dozens of cookies and know I’m at least started.

While I was baking, Stephanie asked if she could take Emma and Keith to the movies after dinner as part of her Christmas present to them and I figured, win/win, they would both be thrilled and would also both be out from under my feet. (as much as I love little helpers in the kitchen, by batch number 8 or 9, I start to get a little loopy and just want to get it done already. Know what I mean???)

So, Steph took them to the movies, Gabi went to work, and the boys kept Will entertained while I finished up in the kitchen.

And, did I mention I get loopy?
Well, I do and I did and just as I was finishing my last batch, Will broke through the gate and ran into the kitchen.
I thought for sure he was going to grab the cookies, but nope, he just ran over to me giggling.
(apparently he was loopy as well ;)  )

I grabbed my silly Santa hat and put it on and he went into hysterics (and when I think about it now I just wish I had recorded it) .
But, what ended up happening was that I laid down on the floor with him and he kept asking me for kisses and was giggling and taking my hands and making me tickle him.
And it was the best end to my night.
Ever.PS He doesn’t much like the hat on his head and pulled mine off as well.

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CD December 12, 2012 at 5:40 am

You're both beautiful, I love this! Steph told me about the movies, glad they had fun:)


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