every day is a winding road

by debi9kids on November 4, 2016


Just because yesterday was awful doesn’t mean that I still can’t find happiness in the little moments of life.
Of course I do.
Honestly, that’s what I’m living for –
those goofy moments like putting on silly Harry Potter glasses and making faces because I knew it would lead to Will putting the glasses on and looking adorable.
Or maybe just sitting and watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix with my boyfriend and holding his hand while my daughter snuggles close to me for a hug.
1478288200079Or being surprised by two of my dearest friends, who traveled from Florida and Georgia, unbeknownst to me. They showed up two nights ago to hand-deliver two bottles of Downton Abbey wine and to make me laugh and smile (and almost cry) because I’ve missed them so much.
Or having one of my sisters doing fundraisers to raise money to help with my medical bills.
Or my other sister who’s donating her time to clean my house when I can’t.
Or my other sister and my two sons who are giving hours and hours of their week to help care for Will.
Or my son’s girlfriend who helps cook dinner, clean, and care for Will.
Or my mom who has given SO much of her time to get me to and from the doctors, and hospitals, and home.
Or my boyfriend who has taken off work to be with me while I’m recovering from surgery (something my ex never did).
Or all of my children who help around the house every day, send me texts daily encouraging me, entertain their younger siblings to keep them positive, and genuinely help me in more ways than I can mention.
Or the countless people who have volunteered to make meals for my family while I’m recovering from surgery and under-going treatment.

It’s those little (and big things) that keep me going.
And keep my focus positive.
And help to keep me certain that life is worth fighting for.
Every day.

Cancer sucks.
That’s for sure.
But, it definitely makes you take stock in what’s important, who and what is worthy of your time and energy, and what moments are meant to take your breath away and which ones will restore it.

I refuse to allow anything else toxic into my life besides the cancer that used to reside in my body and the medication that will ensure it never returns.

Every day is a journey and I choose to take a path towards happiness and survival.

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