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by debi9kids on January 9, 2017

1484013175556I finished my first round of chemotherapy.
Thank God!
That Neulasta was abusive.
The second round began today with an appointment with my oncologist where I had to sign papers approving the usage of Taxol and read through the 3 pages of probable and possible side effects.

It makes a girl feel all warm and fuzzy.

I had to be at Fox Chase with my daughter and my mom at 7am which means we left the house by 5am.
We were all exhausted and hungry by the time we got to the hospital.

Always first up is bloodwork and flushing my port.
And, yea me, my port wasn’t cooperating.
And had to be flushed multiple times, which then led to me needing to have a scan where they pushed iodine into my port and took xrays to see if everything is working properly.
Thankfully, it was.

I had a visit with my oncologist where we talked briefly about some issues I’m starting to have – vertigo and neuropathy in my feet.
But we mostly talked about me receiving the next 11 weeks of my chemotherapy a bit closer to home where I’ll still be “followed by Fox Chase” but administered by a different hospital.
(I’m comfortable with this decisiom and thankful we won’t have to travel so far all winter long.)

After that appointment, it was time for Taxol.
I’ve got to admit, the side effects scared me so I was glad to hear my vital signs were going to be checked every 15 minutes for the entire 2 1/2 hours I was there.
(For the most part, my vital signs stayed pretty decent, aside from my blood pressure, which dropped a bit but is typical.)

Unfortunately, during treatment I did notice that my chest and neck felt like a heavy weight was laid on me.
I didn’t say anything at first, as it wasn’t a side effect listed, but once treatment was completed, I did tell my nurse.
This of course led to an EKG done right there in the chemotherapy ward.
Thankfully, it was ok and likely just a mixture of other issues (a sinus infection, reflux, post nasal drip, etc) making me feel unwell.

It’s seriously never a dull moment with me.
A day that should’ve started at 7am and ended 11:30am instead ended at 2pm and we arrived home around 4.

Needless to say, we were all exhausted and very thankful next week’s chemo won’t be in Philadelphia.

So now I’m lying in bed, exhausted, and starting to feel the real effects of Taxol.
I’m hoping and praying it will be easier than the AC and Neulasta and hoping somehow the next 11 weeks fly by quickly.

God willing.

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