From the mouths of babes

by debi9kids on January 16, 2017

Pretty much all the honest truth telling in the world is done by children. ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

*My daughter Emma has decided to share some of her feelings about cancer.
Please leave her comments and I will read them with her.
PS I did edit for grammar and punctuation but left her words as she wrote them.

1 mom and emmaHi. I’m Emma, I’m 10, and my mom has stage 2 breast cancer.
This is how I feel.
I feel as if my whole life has changed.
I feel that way because my jobs have changed. I have more work to do around the house. I don’t mind, but it’s still more.
Also, ever since she got cancer, we’ve had people donating food and gift cards. I feel happy that people are helping but it’s a weird feeling that we need it.

I feel upset sometimes when I see her crying because she has cancer and I know she’s scared.
I just wish I could make this all stop.
3 amigosI want to stop the cancer and I hate that she has to get chemotherapy.
But I’m still thankful we get our girl time together and cuddle on the couch when she doesn’t feel well.
I want my mom to be better so I don’t cry.
It makes me sad when she doesn’t feel well and I wish I could make her feel better.
I’m very glad mom has Hugh in her life. He makes her happy and helps to make us happy too.

I also feel as if my big brother Keith has been upset about our mom as well because he rarely plays with me. He only plays with me on Xbox or electronics. I wish he would talk to me about how he feels and I’m glad that most of my other brothers and sisters do talk to me about mom’s cancer (and the divorce).

-1 emma and tillyEver since my mom started chemotherapy small things make me cry.
EX: When my twin brother, Will, destroys my room, I cry.
It just happens.
My sadness isn’t just because my mom has cancer, it’s also because I miss my dad.
I miss him because I don’t see him very much and I love him.
But I’m mostly ok. I have my puppy Tilly who makes me happy when I’m sad. She sleeps in my bed and makes me feel safe. And my silly dog licks my tears away.
I also have my siblings, my cousins, some of the best friends in the world, my teacher, and a counselor.
And I can mostly talk to them about everything.

I pray every night my mom will get better.
I hope you will too.


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Lesa January 16, 2017 at 9:07 pm

Emma love,
I am sorry you are hurting. While I was an adult when my mom got breast cancer, it has sucked. It just sucks. I did not have hardly anyone to talk to and did not know what to say. I did not think it was fair. I was really mad sometimes. If you ever need to talk, I would love to talk to you!


Tracey January 16, 2017 at 9:29 pm

Dear Emma,
I think you are a really brave girl to be able to write about your feelings. Cancer is a really scary thing, and I don’t think you are the only girl that is scared about cancer, but I do believe that you are a really brave girl and I do believe that talking about our feelings or writing about them can help make it seem not so scary. I am glad that you have Tilly to keep you feeling safe at night. I am glad that you can talk to people about how you feel and I want you to know that I pray for your Mom every night (I really do) and starting tonight I am going to pray for you too. I am going to pray that you are not as scared as you might feel today. I know it might seem hard when you see your Mom getting help, but please know that it is only because you have such a very special Mom that people want to help her help you. It won’t be forever, even if it seems like it now. It takes a really strong person to be able to ask for help and receive it – so know that you have a really strong Mom who loves you to the moon and back along with all of the rest of your family. I hope you sleep well tonight Emma – I think you are really brave and special too!


Heather January 17, 2017 at 7:05 am

Dear Emma,
You are strong sweet young lady. So good for you to share your feelings. Praying for you and your family. You have a wonderful momma and and I think you are pretty wonderful, too. Keep on sharing and snuggling with your momma. And always remember God is near. Love and Prayers!!


Trish Geissler January 17, 2017 at 11:24 am

Hi Emma
I live in the UK and I have twin girls age 12. I am going to let them read your post when they come in from school as I know they have the same thoughts and feelings as you but think that they are the only little girls in the world whose mum has cancer as we don’t know anyone else in our position so thank you for sharing.
You are all very brave and I tell my girls it won’t be forever that we feel like this. In the meantime their love and hugs mean a lot to me and I’m sure they do to your mum too. We also have a dog that makes us feel better they are just brilliant aren’t they !
Sending you & your family a big hug – keep loving each other that is the best medicine for everyone we find xxxx


Cheryl Lage January 17, 2017 at 11:52 am

Emma, you are an awesome daughter. My little girl also has a twin brother…and a parent with cancer. Actually, I need to correct that, a parent who USED to have cancer. My husband used to have stage 4 melanoma…and for over 11 years had treatments like your awesome Mom.

It’s hard when you see a parent crying, or hurting, or feeling scared. You are doing a great job by talking about your feelings. Your mom is strong, just like my husband is. She is a fighter and loves you and your brothers and sisters and Hugh.

Thank you for so bravely sharing your words and feelings. I look forward to the day you can write about your mom who USED to have cancer. <3 Until then, keep talking, and hug your mom for me.


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