3 weeks and counting…

by debi9kids on April 4, 2020

So we’ve been on quarantine for three weeks now. It started first for our family because we actually thought we had the Corona virus and three of us were really sick. We had fevers, sore throats, coughs, and were just exhausted. No matter how much sleep we got it just didn’t feel like it was enough. However, after waiting nearly a week after being tested the results came back – negative. We didn’t have Corona. We just had some other horrible virus.

Now as we’re all starting to feel better the state of Pennsylvania is on lockdown. Only essential workers are supposed to be leaving their homes. I’m an essential worker because I work in a cancer clinic and both David and Henry are considered essential workers due to their jobs as well (they are my only adult children that still live at home). So, come Monday we will be officially back in “harms way”.

The past three weeks I’ve had a lot of time to really think. I suppose if I wanted to I could really be bitter about how some things have played out in my life… divorce, college, cancer, relationship ending …. but I’m not. Or. I’m really trying not to be. I’m trying my best to find purpose in everything that happens in life and these past three weeks I’ve been looking for purpose in the Corona virus.

I’ve long thought that we {people} take life for granted. We’re not just missing out on the beauty of the earth around us but missing out on the beauty in the simplicity in front of us. We take for granted the simple moments like tucking our children into bed, kissing them goodnight, hugging our friends hello… and boy, this Corona virus was like a slap in the face and I think it’s made a whole lot of people realize just how much they depend and crave human touch and love and maybe, just maybe that’s the point.

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