Surviving Infidelity

I must admit, when I first decided that I was going to go public with Russ’ affair, it was because the other woman had threatened to do it and I wanted to have the upper hand…
If my marriage, my life, was going to be drug through the mud, then, by God, it was going to get done as I saw fit.
Not that I intended on dragging my marriage through the mud. But I intended on being honest and I wanted the truth out, not her version of the truth.
What I didn’t expect was the out-pouring of love and the huge number of women who sent me private emails, texts, facebook messages, tweets, etc telling me they had been where I was and they understood.
I was shocked.
Because I never knew.
I knew there were a lot of divorces, but I didn’t know how many women go through infidelity and live to love again.
And it gives me hope, when I haven’t even felt like I could breathe one more breath.

Just like that, my hope is back because of you, my friends, who have lifted me, prayed for me and known what I needed to hear because they have needed it before as well.

So, today, I am returning the favor.
To my friends who have known the pain of infidelity.
I have started a private forum where we can come together to pray, lift one another and share our fears without judgement.

If you would like an invitation, please send me an email.
You need not be public about the infidelity online in order to join, but I do ask for honesty and honor.

But, if you can’t bring yourself to open up there, I hope that by following along with our trials and triumphs, you might be inspired to not give up either.

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